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About Us

Beginning with just two classrooms and two teachers in Managua, the program has grown to include schools in six cities throughout Nicaragua, including Managua, Leon, Esteli, San Juan Del Sur, Granada and Matagalpa. We cater to all ages; our students range from 4 – 75 years old and come from a variety of backgrounds— businesspeople, missionaries, backpackers, embassy employees and others all study at the school.

The Spanish School was founded in 2004. It is owned by an American living in Nicaragua.

On behalf of all of the staff and myself, we would like to say that we are here and ready to help you in your venture to better your Spanish, and to provide you with all of the tools you will need to learn and have fun while doing it Nicaragua Spanish Schools.



Our mission at Viva Spanish Programs is to provide high quality Spanish-language training in an academic environment that is conducive to learning. We provide pre-placement testing to accurately place each student at his or her level of understanding of the language and we start from your level. We assure our students that they will leave Viva Spanish Programs with a better knowledge and fluency level than when they arrive.

Our teachers are either college graduates or are in their final year of study in their field. All of our staff has a passion for teaching and are dedicated to their jobs. Viva Spanish is also committed to providing a healthy work environment for our staff. Our staff is paid salaries about 50% higher than most employees doing the same work in Nicaragua and they enjoy a positive and creative work environment.