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Spanish Lessons in Leon Nicaragua

Learning Spanish at Viva Spanish Leon:

Your classroom will be in one of the oldest cities in Central America! Viva Spanish Programs in Leon Nicaragua is calling you, and with its fascinating architecture, diverse environment, and warm, open people you couldn’t ask for a more stimulating classroom in which to learn Spanish.

In Leon, we will teach you to speak fluent, conversational Spanish in an environment that takes you far beyond what any traditional classroom can give you. The locals in this beautiful city are more than willing to practice speaking Spanish with you. If you decide to do a family homestay, you can advance your skills that much faster! Beaches,and memorable excursions to coffee and sugar plantations, and hikes along Nicaragua’s volcanic mountain range are all part of the experience in Leon.

A brief program description:

The program consists of 4 hours every morning of Spanish classes with no more than one or two other students in class with you at any given time. You will have two hours of grammar and two hours of conversation. Sometimes we incorporate field trips as part of the learning experience in the mornings. The school offers some afternoon activities or you can venture out on your own. Click on the buttons to your left to contact us and reserve today!